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Hi I'm Julious an instructor at Whizzfit. I began on this journey to add value to children by providing fun, engaging and impactful activities.
How long have you been a Whizzfit Instructor?
I am fairly new to Whizzfit having only joined last year.
What do you like about being a Instructor?
I am a firm believer in impacting, developing and transforming the lives of every individual I come into contact with and this is why I like to being an instructor, because I am able to accomplish all these things.
Tell me about your experience & qualifications
I have been coaching sports for the last eleven years. In this time, I have worked with various sporting organisations and companies, where I have gained vast experience and qualifications. With this experience, I have organised and conducted sports events and projects in the borough of Islington, and worked with Islington Council and City YMCA on projects in recent years with my previous company PESA (Pro Excellence Sports Academy).
Give me an idea abour your other interests & hobbies
In my spare time, I like to spend time with my wife as well as play football. I also like to attend church where I am able to develop myself and become a better man.

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