Our most popular activity

Dodgeball is where it all started for us. We have been successfully running Dodgeball after school clubs for the last 10 years, so we class ourselves as THE Dodgeball experts! We have so many different variations to Dodgeball, it is by far our most popular activity.

The main objective of Dodgeball is to gradually eliminate members of the opposite team. The way to do this is by hitting the other teams’ members with the ball. If someone gets hit, they are out! If the ball is thrown at an opposing team member and they catch it, then the person who threw the ball is out! Not only does the team lose a player, but a previously eliminated member of the other team can now re-join!

WhizzFit Dodgeball is extra special

We have tweaked the game over the years to add many exciting and unexpected features. For example, we like to include a ‘magic ball’. The magic ball can regenerate the whole team at one time in certain games. This can change which team is winning a game, in an instant! Our famous warm up game – British Dodgeball Bulldog, is always popular and so much fun. All the children run from one side to the other whilst trying to avoid being hit by a Dodgeball. If a player is hit, they become a thrower. We have lots of other regeneration variations too. We love to keep the game going!

It does not matter what type of event we are running, whether it is a party or an event, we always try to finish off with a Kids v Parents Dodgeball match at the end. These are a great way to end a session and so much fun for parents and children alike!

Safety is always a priority for us.

 We use soft foam balls, so it does hurt when people do get hit. It is fantastic for building aerobic and anaerobic fitness and great for improving hand to eye coordination. It is another perfect sport for children that do not enjoy mainstream sports.

For those who are fanatical about Dodgeball, keep an eye out for Dodgeball clubs opening soon!

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It’s time to crank up the fun factor

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