Whizzy Wheelers

A chance for children to maximise their scooters on smooth surfaces with some fun and creative games. For ages 3+ our Whizzy Wheelers will be used for kids parties and open events.

Our exciting scooter programme is our newest and most exciting activity at WhizzFit. We’ll be teaching the kids how to scoot safely, turn corners in style and they’ll be doing team races. To make it even more entertaining they’ll be doing all this whilst there’s music playing in the background.

What does a a Whizzy Wheelers session look like

Most of our sessions start off with the kids scooting around a large course which has been laid out by our instructors. Obviously the music will be playing so the energy will be high. Once they have warmed up, we’ll start with some basic cornering and braking exercises, which we’ve made really fun.

Next will be the relay games, where the kids will be split into teams. It will be a combination of scooting and running games. Some of these enjoyable drills will involve the children being pushed along by another child, these exercises will help the children develop trust and communication skills.

Benefits of Whizzy Wheelers

  • Fun fitness suitable for ages 3+
  • We’ll be getting the kids aerobically fitter without them realising it
  • It’s not just for the Sporty Kids
  • Become more confident scooters
  • Team building games
  • Making new friends
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Suitable for ages 3+ / up to 20 players

Whizzy Wheelers parties

We have some scooters to lend, but ideally we’d prefer Children to bring their own. We’re still in the process of negotiating which of our venues will allow us to run these events. If you’re interested please complete the form below and we’ll contact you asap

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Parties from £300, with the venue included
  • Basic packages is for up to 20 Kids
  • 60 minutes of activity and 45 mins for food
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