Based in Tooting

Hi My name is Ike. I spend most of my time at Tooting Leisure centre. I occasionally work at Tolworth. My favorite event to run is a Combination of Laser Tag and Glow Dodgeball. I make sure the music's pumping and the energy is buzzing.
How long have you been a Whizzfit Instructor?
I started working at whizzFit in 2021 and its been great! I’ve delivered events, both personal parties and school clubs in and around London. I'm looking forward to organising alot more amazing events. It doesn't get much better than parties that include dodgeball, nerf wars, laser tag or disco dodgeball. It's the ultimate way for children to enjoy themselves.
What do you like about being a Instructor?
I enjoy seeing kids having the time of their lives. We didn't have Nerf parties when I was kid but being able to organise that now is an amazing experience. Its also a great way to celebrate going forward from lockdown.
Tell me about your experience & qualifications
I have been doing social work, youth work and sports coaching for 16 years and I've been an events manager for 7 years. I have a photobooth 360 that's available for hire so let us know if you want this for your party! I'm also a personal trainer and have a degree in Sports Sciences. I'm a qualified football and athletics coach currently managing a football club. I also organise football tournaments and coach 1 on 1 and group sessions for aspiring footballers.
Give me an idea abour your other interests & hobbies
I have a healthy and active lifestyle. I play football on a regular basis, I love sports and play semi- professional football. I enjoy socialising and meeting new people.

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