Nerf War Party

If you’re looking for an action-packed party experience, our Nerf Wars kids parties are the ultimate way to celebrate. You are definitely going to want to get in on the action – and you can! Team up with our experienced Party Instructors for the ultimate kids vs adults showdown

What’s included within our Nerf War Party package?

  • Action-packed hour of missions & battles
  • Range of the latest pump-action Nerf Guns
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • Camouflage Tents as barricades
  • Camouflage Netting
  • Safety glasses
  • Team Bibs
  • Experienced Party Instructor

Our venue partners are currently closed due to COVID-19.

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Tooting Leisure Centre

With use of either the Squash Courts or the Dance Studio, Tooting Leisure Centre is ready to host the best kids party in South London.

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Tolworth Rec Centre

The space available within the venue’s Croft Hall means Tolworth Recreation Centre is one of the best party venues in Surrey.

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MA Sports (Staines)

The Lifestylefitness Matthew Arnold Sports Centre boasts a Sports Hall which is 4 badminton courts in size, along with a viewing balcony.

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Guildford Spectrum

The Guildford Spectrum has always been a great venue for a kids party, and even provides the option of after-the-party catering.

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Esher Church School

This venue has both outdoor and indoor party options. You can use the sports fields, the dedicated Sports Hall, or a combination of both.

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Get the Whizzfit experience at your chosen location. We’ll take the stress out of hosting your kids party, wherever suits you best.

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Nerf Wars FAQs

Your Nerf War questions answered by our instructors

Nerf Wars parties are essentially a less competitive variation of paintballing, using soft foam darts. The objective of the game is to hit someone from the opposing team. It’s high-energy, fun and great for keeping children active.

  • Safety talk and run-through of the rules
  • Organise the group into teams
  • Hand out the equipment
  • The Nerf Wars begin, with 4 – 6 different games to be played.

We play a variety of Nerf Wars games, but in every game, if you’re hit on your shoulders or below, you’re technically out.

  • Range of the latest pump-action Nerf Guns
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • Camouflage Tents as barricades
  • Camouflage Netting
  • Safety Glasses
  • Team Bibs

Yes, of course. If possible, please mark it so that we can easily tell it’s yours.

Anything from a Village Hall to Sports Hall. The average Village Hall is roughly 13 metres by 7 metres, and provides plenty of room to play Nerf Wars.

Yes, we regularly run Nerf Wars parties in recreation parks and people’s gardens

Yes, garden parties work well for Nerf Wars.

We don’t recommend that any children younger than 5 years of age (School Year 1) play Nerf Wars.

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow
  • Nerf N Strike Elite Dual-Strike Blaster
  • Nerf n Strike Elite Disruptor
  • Nerf Elite Firestrike Blaster
  • Nerf Mega Tri Break
  • Nerf Fortnite SP-L

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